About us

At Concordia Pet Care we believe that pets deserve the same level of healthcare as we expect for ourselves.

We provide veterinary services for dogs and cats, from health checks and vaccinations, to more advanced soft tissue, dental and orthopaedic surgeries, acupuncture and 24-hour patient care.

We are equipped with a comprehensive pharmacy, complete in-house diagnostic laboratory, digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy and computed tomography. 

Our hospital is located at LG & P1, No. 5-7, Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong. 

Our Mission 
Is to provide the best possible care to Asia's growing pet population, and support the pet community.  

Our Values 
• Provide the highest international veterinary standards 
• Support responsible pet ownership 
• Empower and train our veterinarians. 
• Embrace the pet care ecosystem, new technologies and innovation. 
• Passionate, empathetic, sharing, ethical, welcoming, safe, hygienic, transparent. 
• Ordinary services delivered exceptionally well - Exceptional services delivered well.

Our Facilities

Our hospital is an approximately 15,000 square foot facility and we are located in a very attractive location on Blue Pool Road in Happy Valley near the Jockey Club racecourse of the Hong Kong Island.   

Our doctors and nurses work together as one harmonious team, and everyone is very supportive of each other, and equally welcoming to new team members, as we strive to continuously raise our medical and service standards.  

We welcome all feedback regarding our service as we continuously strive to improve. Please call us at 2679 1000 for any enquiries. 

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